Police seize shotgun

Police seize shotgun; homemade explosives and steroids from biker ‘who threw the grenade,’ deputies say

(CNN) — Police are searching for a man who tossed a homemade bomb into the crowd of people celebrating New Year’s in front of an Oakland garage Thursday night.

It was not immediately clear why the bomb was thrown but officials say it was meant to hurt no one.

The blast, which caused no injuries, was the culmination of a night of revelry in the city’s East Oakland neighborhood.

According to Oakland police spokesman Lt. Jay Cicinelli, a man who was carrying an apparent homemade explosive device tossed the «bump» type device into an empty garage at about 9:55 p.m. and fled in a vehicle, arriving a half mile away at the apartment complex.

The explosion, which the bomb squad determined was «sub-metallic,» was the only one inside the garage. The driver of the rented SUV was unhurt, but he was 양산안마wearing a face mask when officers arrived.

The Oakland Police Department, Oakland Fire Department and the sheriff’s department responded to the scene for the explosion.

Cicinelli said they didn’t find anyone who may have been responsible for the blast, but an officer was shot during the incident. A woman, a juvenile and the driver of the SUV were injured, he said.

There was no immediate word on what caused the explosion or if it was related to the holiday festivities, officials said.

Residents from different parts of town were on their way to a New Year’s party with family members, friends and neighbors in an area of Oakland known as The Shops and Delis, Cicinelli said.

Investigators have not identified the person involved, said호 게임 Sgt. Ron Johnson with the Oakland Police Department.

«This is a terrible tragedy,» said Officer Alicia Troxell, a spokeswoman for the East Oakland PD. «This was very shocking. This is the worst kind of terrorist.»

CNN reporters reported that an Oakland police officer suffered minor h김해출장마사지ead injuries, but it was unclear how he suffered the injuries, with officials later telling reporters that he was shot.

The Oakland Police Department confirmed the car carrying the driver was a silver Ford Mustang convertible driven by an adult man. The car was involved in an «altercation,» but was not related to the New Year’s celebration, police said.

Anyone with information should contact the East Oakland Police Department’s Bomb Squad at 510-717-3300 or Crime Stoppers at 510-777-